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Easter Prices

It’s been a miserable few months. Stuck indoors with nothing to do and nowhere to go. Which is why we want to help put a smile on your face by charging standard fares over the holiday weekend.

We usually charge the same as the night rate on public holidays, but this year we are keeping standard prices for local journeys in St. Leonards and Coastlink fares to Bexhill, Pevensey and Eastbourne.

The new Covid rules that came into effect on 29th March allow groups of six to meet outside.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and enjoy yourself.

Easter Fares

£ 4.50

for the first mile

+£ 1.50 each additional mile

10:00 – 22:00

Good Friday
Super Saturday
Easter Sunday
Happy Monday

Bexhill East

Town Centre-Old Town-Pebsham


Bexhill West

Sidley-Collington-Cooden-Little Common



Pevensey Bay-Westham-Langley-Sovereign Harbour



Town Centre-Meads-Willingdon-Old Town-Polegate