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taxicaller passenger app

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You only pay for your journey. There are no fees for using the TaxiCaller app and there are no annoying ads

Online version

Book from any device, no download necessary.
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Easy set-up

Enter a few basic details and you’re good to go. You can even sign in with your Facebook account.

In-App Payments

Arrive and go. Payments taken automatically when you pre-authorise your card. The effortless payment solution.

See our fleet in real time

Available cars are shown on the map.

Virtual hailing

Pick your favourite driver or simply hail the nearest cab with just a couple of clicks.

Fare estimates

Find out how much your journey is likely to cost.


Personal and business account holders can book directly through the app.

Favourite locations

Save regular destinations to make the booking process even quicker.

Track your taxi

You’ll be able to see if your cab really is “just around the corner” .

Share your journey

Allow friends and family to see your progress, and confirm that you’ve arrived safely.

Instant receipts

Keep track of your expenses. Receipts sent straight to your inbox.