Passenger App

User Guide

Table Of Contents

Download and Install

Register a New Account

1. Name

Enter your name.

2. Email Address

Enter your email address. We will only use this for forgotten passwords, sending receipts, discount codes and for linking to your business or personal account (if applicable).

3. Phone Number

We need your phone number so that we can contact you if there is a problem with your booking.

4. Password

Create a unique password for your account. It can contain numbers, letters and symbols.

5. Licence Agreement

Drag the slider to the right. You’ll need to accept the licence agreement to set up an account.

6. Facebook Integration (optional)

Register and sign-in with Facebook. Click the link and you will be taken to your Facebook account to authorise TaxiCaller as a trusted app.

7. Create Account

Check your details and click ‘create account’. You are now able to book a cab.

passenger app user guide registration

Set Pick-up Location

1. Target Icon

The passenger app will attempt to discover your location using GPS.

Clicking on the target icon will centre the map on your current location

2. Map

Drag the map until the pin is above your location and your address appears in the Pick-up box

Zoom in by pinching the map until you can see your exact location. Zoom out to see available cars.

3. Pin

Indicates your current selection.

4. Pick-up Box

Shows which address is selected for the pick up.

Click the box to type in your address or select from your saved favourite locations

5. favourite

If this is a location that you use frequently, click the star to add the address to favourites.

6. Set Pick-up

Click the button when you are satisfied with your choice.

passenger app user guide pick-up location

Set Drop-off Location

1. Drop-off Box

Shows your currently selected destination.

Click the box to enter your address or select from favourites.

Note: there is no drag and drop option when selecting a destination. You will have to type it in.

2. Favourite

Add to favourites

3. Skip

You can skip the drop-off screen if you’re unsure of your destination. However, bear in mind that most drivers will probably reject a job without a valid drop off location.

4. Set Drop-off

Again, click the button when you are satisfied with your choice.

Cant find your address?

No problem. Find the nearest match and leave a note for the driver.

passenger app user guide drop-off

Booking Options

1. Pick up location

Click to change

2. Drop-off location

Click to change.

3. Passengers

Slide to select number of passengers.

Note: At present we can only accommodate 4 passengers per car.

4. Company

Shows selected company. By default the app will choose the nearest car regardless of company.

Click the car icon and select Coastal Taxis from the list of available companies.

5. Estimated Fare

This is based on the company selected and the route shown. It may not be the same as the metered journey.

6. Add message

Use this to help the driver find you or to indicate special requirements; stop offs, luggage, dogs, etc.

7. Time

Select when you want your cab. Default is as soon as possible (ASAP). You may also pre-book for later by clicking the box.

8. Payment Options

See below for more info

9. Book

Click when you’re satisfied with your selections.

passenger app guide booking
passenger app guide company select
passenger app guide time select

Payment Options

a) Account selection

Select between your personal and business accounts. This option won’t be available If you don’t have a business account.

b) Account details

Your account details are shown here. You may need to click here and choose further options depending on your company set up.

c) Cash

Click here to pay by cash

d) Card reader

Click here to pay by card. Only vehicles equipped with a card reader will be dispatched.

e) Billed

Payment on account. This option is only available if you have a credit or pre-paid account.

f) E-ticket

This is a money off voucher. We sometimes issue these as part of a promotional offer.

passenger app guide payment

Booking Submitted

This is displayed whilst the passenger app is trying to find an appropriate booking slot and vehicle. The process can sometimes take a few minutes depending upon your selections in the previous sections.

passenger app guide booking submitted

Booking Accepted

This means that a vehicle has been found that is capable of meeting your requirements and the booking has been sent to the driver.

passenger app guide booking accepted

Driver On The Way

Your designated driver has accepted the booking and has added it to his job list.

1. Share Your Journey

Click the share button to receive a link that you can send to friends and family. The link provides them with the details of your journey and shows your location in real-time.

2. Locate Taxi

Click the taxi icon to see the location of your vehicle on the map

3. Vehicle and Driver Details

  • Company name and logo
  • Driver’s name
  • Vehicle make, model and registration number

The colour of the car is so that you can identify different companies in the app and is not necessarily the same as the actual colour.

4. Contact Driver

Click the telephone icon to call your driver directly from the passenger app. Useful if there’s a last minute change of plan.

5. Arrival Time

This is an estimate based on average journey times. The actual arrival time might vary slightly depending on time of day and how many jobs are ahead of you in the queue.

passenger app guide driver dispatched

Driver Arrived

This one is self explanatory. Your taxi is waiting for you. Get in and go.

If your car isn’t at your location then contact the driver direct by clicking on the telephone icon.

passenger app guide arrived


1. Rate Trip

How did we do? Rate your experience by clicking the stars. You may also leave a comment.

Complements and complaints are always welcome as this helps us to improve our service.

2. Email Receipt

You may send a receipt to the email address specified in your account.

passenger app guide receipt